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Reprogram for Success

Janet Elaine Schmidt



I am a Quantum Consciousness Accelerator, Integrative Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator, and coach. 

Immediate shifts occur following the removal of ailments, caused by inherited imprints, held in the subconscious for generations. 

I reprogram companies and individuals for success by aligning emotional intelligence with mental, physical, and spiritual intelligence. When you find the rotten root and nourish it to life, you are able to sustain a strong base and maintain the health of the soil. Whether you are an individual or a management team one must take a truthful look at their programming. From there you can see what's not working and instill a new way to program success and redesign your life, your team and business.

Janet Elaine Schmidt Is Board Certified in Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Neuro-Linguistics Programming Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy. She is certified in Advanced ThetaHealing™, Advanced PSYCH-K®️, EMI (Eye Movement Integration), Reiki Master, DNA Re-Engineering, Zero Point Acceleration, Intuitive Medicine, and Light Code Activation. 



“Janet is a beautiful soul filled with love and compassion for all. She is a highly intuitive and advanced light healer. I wholeheartedly trust her intuition and guidance in all of the important areas of my life. She is beloved teacher and guide for me in the spiritual realms

CEO of Company , Shelley F. - Los Angeles

“I appreciate the amazing session with Janet.  I feel great and since my shift in alignment I am finally living life in the NOW and doing what I love!”

Entreprenuer, Rafaela -Portugal 

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