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Meet Janet Elaine 

Entrepreneur, Quantum Consciousness Accelerator™ Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Janet Elaine Schmidt is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of holistic health. Her transformative techniques have helped countless individuals and businesses achieve unparalleled success. With a commitment to combining the latest scientific research with ancient mind-body medicine practices, she is a trailblazer in her field.

As the mastermind behind signature programs such as Quantum Consciousness Integration™ and Quantum Consciousness Accelerator™, Janet Elaine is at the forefront of a new era of health and wellness. Her approach is grounded in the principles of Quantum Physics and Epigenetics, unlocking the power of the mind and body to achieve optimal success in every area of life.

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With a unique approach that combines the latest scientific research with ancient mind-body medicine practices, Janet Elaine's signature programs are nothing short of transformative.

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"Working with Janet was life changing for me.  I was really stuck emotionally and physically feeling unsure and anxious about the health and my future. I had been to see doctor after doctor and therapist and had taken tons of supplements to attempt to cure what was ailing me. After only a few sessions with Janet, I could feel this feeling lifting, and after my 8 sessions, I felt stronger, more assured and hopeful for the future. Janet helped me get rid of the old energy and old fears that were keeping me stuck emotionally and in bad health. And now, when those feelings creep back in (which is rare), I call Janet, we do a session and I’m back to my old self. Sometimes it just takes something sort of out of the norm to get you back to your vital, healthy self. Thank you, Janet, for brining my good energy back!"

- Heather Houston


“learn to live in abundance and watch my business of real estate grow and take me to the next level. In a short period of time, I’ve seen tremendous growth both personally and professionally. I have Janet to thank

for being the pivot my life truly needed for love, light, abundance, prosperity,and gratitude"

Roma Barba

Compass Real Estate Broker


"Janet has been highly effective in supporting me to make progress in quite a few areas of my business and personal life.  Including some areas that have been resistant to change.  She is insightful, has a good heart, and really cares.  I highly recommend her."


"Janet is a powerful coach/healer and highly trained in many modalities to help you become your best self, reach your goals, and work through blocks that keep you stuck in patterns you’ve wanted to break free from.  I loved working with Janet and saw tremendous growth personally, professionally, and spiritually working with her."

Nicole Villani

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