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The Power of a Program

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Story

THE POWER OF A PROGRAM - Inherited Money Consciousness:
There was this remarkable woman, so vibrant, loving, and giving. She was fortunate to have plenty of money and felt the calling to provide for the underserved. (As a young child, she had always protected the underdog.) She gave to Individuals and non-profits alike.  After some time, she attracted all kinds of people asking or attaching to her for her generosity.  She was not capable of saying NO.
After some time, she found herself in arbitration.  Her financial advisor, who was with a well-known international investment firm, had made an investment outside the firm's scope, and she lost a small fortune.  During the arbitration hearing, all she could think about was, "I'm going to lose this money, I'm going to lose this money."  In the end, the financial advisor was disbarred, his partner fined, and the investment firm fined, but she only received one-tenth of what she lost.
So let's take a closer look: If Einstein and Quantum physics says everything is energy or frequency, then her very thoughts and emotions of losing money are explained.  But what about her Epigenetic ancestral imprinting or programming?  The woman came from eight generations of ministers who signed up to be economically challenged, who gave their last cent to the underserved and had no money to manage. Now while this was honorable for her ancestors, this is not what she signed up for.
Once she understood her programming from a quantum physics and epigenetic imprinting standpoint, she successfully reprogrammed. The woman had discovered by using a combination of four techniques; she was able to remove the old imprint or belief and instill a new way a new belief. The woman was finally in the "Whole Brain State" in her new belief.  I am happy to report that "Large sums of money flow to her easily and quickly on a continuous basis that she gets to keep, enjoy and share." She can now say no.
The woman is me!


This is how "Reprogram For (The) Success (You Desire)" was born.


Janet Elaine Schmidt is the creator of “Reprogram For Success” and, for more than a decade, has been a practical yet potent Quantum Consciousness Accelerator™ and Integrative Holistic Healing Facilitator,  Life/Business Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. 


Janet reprograms individuals and business teams for success by aligning emotional intelligence with mental, physical, and spiritual intelligence.  Whether you are an individual or a management team, you must look honestly at your programming.  From there, you can see what’s not working and instill a new way to reprogram for success and redesign your life, team, and business. " When you find the rotten root and nourish it to life, you can sustain a strong base and maintain the health of the soil.” SUCCESS


Janet’s greatest gift is working in collaboration with clients to identify and remove energetic blocks or ailments caused by inherited imprints held in the subconscious for generations. Her greatest joy is observing the seismic shifts that occur immediately following. She teaches her clients how to recognize their program, imprint, blocks, or aliments and provides tools to discard what no longer serves them to have a healthy, prosperous, and wealthy life.  Janet’s success rate among her clients speaks for itself.

Her combined curiosity with science and healing modalities has inspired continuous self-learning so she may share the wisdom teachings with others.


“Success in every area of your life is real and obtainable.  The Power is in your hands!”

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