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Immerse yourself in an extraordinary corporate retreat design to create emotional intelligence and strategy for team success.  This retreat offers an incredibly potent and transformative experience that takes you on a profound personal and professional growth journey.  Through tailored sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the depths of your being, clearing challenges and unlocking your true potential.  Janet will use powerful techniques, you’ll overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors through mind reprogramming, exploring and modifying subconscious beliefs, and releasing deeply rooted patterns.  This transformative experience fosters accelerated healing, enhanced self-awareness, and a profound shift in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  As you embrace radical changes and experience personal and professional growth and self-empowerment, you’ll be guided by an esteemed facilitator, ensuring a tailored and extraordinary experience that aligns with your unique desires and aspirations.  Get ready to engage your whole-brain state and achieve alignment with your desired outcomes in this unparalleled journey of deep healing and limitless growth.

Workshop Offers: 

- Reprogramming Assessment
- Life and Core Belief encoding and re

- Steps to Reprogramming

- Create Goal Balances
- Bring your left and right cortex into the whole brain state
- The Influence Blueprint: A Workshop on Selling and Leading

- Quantum Art 
- Golden Codes 

- Breathwork 

- Meditation 

- Sound Bath 


  • Voice of Consciousness Workshop (2 days)

  • Reprogramming for Success Workshop (2 days)

  • The Influence Blueprint: A Workshop on Selling and Leading

  • Zoom or in Person

Meredith Collins, CA

"Janet did a workshop at my company and completely changed the mindset of the management team. We have increased our sales by 22.8% this year!"

Katie Pierce, NY

"Through Janet's comprehensive programs we were able to integrate her teachings to create a stronger vision for the company. "

Collin Driver, MI

"The whole concept of Whole Brain state reshaped our workflow and employees. I am forever grateful for the impact Janet Elaine Schmidt has had on our company. " 
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