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Epigenetics Makeover Workshop

Epigenetics: Because Even Your DNA Deserves a Makeover!

  • 5 hours
  • $100 per person
  • TBD

Service Description

Epigenetics: Because Even Your DNA Deserves a Makeover Epigenetic Epiphanies: Peeling Back the Genetic Onion – Ever wondered why you're the way you are? Unearth how you and your fellow humans are the products of nature's sitcom, where we decode how you are hilariously programmed! "Self-Awareness and Tools: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Self-Aware of Them All?" Being self-aware means realizing when you've got spinach in your teeth or your genes in a twist! Do you possess the awareness of a zen master, or are you more like a confused octopus in a paint store? Let's find out! "Being a Student of Your Life: Embracing the Drama of Your DNA Soap Opera!" Get ready for the ultimate soap opera: "As the Genome Turns"! Dive deep into your thoughts, emotions, and actions – it’s the blockbuster saga where your genes take the spotlight! "Emotional Resilience Tools: The 90-Second Comedy Club!" Feel like your emotions are on a rollercoaster? No worries! We've got emotional resilience tools that work faster than a microwave burrito. Reset your feelings in 90 seconds flat and get back to laughing at life’s absurdities! "The Whole Brain State: Where Left Brain and Right Brain Throw a House Party!" Ever been to a party where both the logical left brain and the creative right brain are dancing? Get ready to be in the 'whole brain state' – it’s where the real transformational dance moves happen! "Reprogramming Your Beliefs: From Old Cassettes to New Spotify Playlists!" Out with the old and in with the new! We're rewiring your beliefs faster than you can say 'epigenetic remix'! Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and hello to a whole new you with enhanced beliefs that shine brighter than a supernova! "Goal Balancing: Juggling Life Goals Like a Pro!" Life throwing too many goals at you? Learn the art of goal balancing – it’s like juggling, but with dreams, ambitions, and a sprinkle of fairy dust! Walk confidently into your future, juggling your goals with the finesse of a circus performer! And why choose Janet Elaine Schmidt? Feeling overwhelmed by your current reality? Janet's the expert you need! People work with her because figuring out life’s mysteries on your own is so last season. With Janet, you’ll fast-track your life trajectory, leaving behind the baggage of the past. She'll help you build a future that’s shinier than a disco ball, giving you the wisdom and knowledge to transform with confidence! So, why wait? Let the genetic giggles begin!

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